Submission deadlines

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VAT returns must be received by HMRC and payments must have cleared into the HMRC’s bank account by the due date. (Please note that if a due date falls on a weekend the payment must clear before the weekend).

Pay Electronically

If you pay electronically – and this is a requirement for returns submitted online – then the due date is the 7th day of the month following the month after the end of the VAT quarter. For example, if you are due to make a VAT return to 30th April, then the return must be filed and the the funds cleared into HMRC’s bank account by 7th June.

Pay By Direct Debit

If you agree to pay by direct debit, then you get an extra 3 days – IE HMRC will collect payment from your nominated bank account a further 3 bank working days after the due date set out above.
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