Phil Hicks

I used to manage all my own bookkeeping, but recently I have found it harder and harder to find time to keep on top of this part of my business. I asked you to come and bring my books up to date, with a view to continuing as an ongoing bookkeeper for my business. I have been very impressed at how quickly and efficiently you have worked through my backlog.

You have gone beyond just inputting the data.You have highlighted areas of my accounting which weren’t very efficient, and advised me on how to properly account for certain regular costs, which will save me a significant amount of money.

I was concerned about whether you would need time to become familiar with my particular business and the costs and services specific to the construction industry. As soon as you started, I could see this would be no problem at all, and you have delivered above and beyond what I had hoped for.

I am delighted to know that my books will be in your capable hands by now, and it allows me to focus on the development of my business, without the distraction of trying to manage a regular task which isn’t my strength, but which is clearly your’s.

I will not hesitate in recommending your services to others.

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